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Greetings Fellow Readers!

My name is Prabhat Pankaj and I am a postgraduate in Economics and a Ph.D. in applied economics. I am a teacher by choice, started my career 30 years ago in 1991 from Arunachal University.

Learning is a continuous process that keeps going on in a loop with each turn having something new to offer. As a faculty I realized that our teaching becomes better when we know how do students tend to learn. We know our discipline so well, but our knowledge about how students learn is not as much sufficient. A faculty, passionate and caring about students learning, will find this blog useful and interesting. This blog post is intended to provide insight and methods into how learning works. Specifically, as a faculty how we can make learning work for the life and career of our students.

As for me, I have been teaching Economics at postgraduate and undergraduate levels for about 30 years, in Universities and B-Schools in India and abroad, including 7 years in Bhutan. I have also obtained my Executive Education in “Management and Leadership in Higher Education” at Harvard University, Boston, USA.

I am an avid trainer and resource person on effective teaching, teaching leadership, student-centric teaching-learning, effective student engagement, and outcome-based education (OBE). Additionally, I am an international researcher and resource person on the subject of economics of happiness. In 2019, I was an invitee at the World Government Summit Dubai by the Ministry of Happiness, UAE. I have also been delivering workshops and sessions on higher education, student learning, and happiness. Furthermore, I write for the Times of India and other popular publications. Presently I am serving as the Director of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur.

Fun Fact! Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad has written a Case Study on “Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur” focusing on student engagement which I had initiated at Jaipuria.

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