Design yourself to be happy in 2022 | Part 5: Happiness lessons from the pandemic

On this World Happiness Day, it is only in the fitness of the thing that the secret to the most precious treasure called ‘happiness’ is opened up for everyone irrespective of who they are, where they come from and more importantly wherever on the earth they live. On the other side of the coin, the pandemic has done exactly the opposite for everyone, distributed miseries all across. However, the receding pandemic has also left behind a few underlying lessons, if counted on, can enhance happiness in our life forever.

Design yourself to be happy in 2022 | Part 3: Create Purpose, Purposefully

Life pursuits and purpose are key to happiness. Making our existence meaningful requires concerted and conscious thoughts. Facing the question – what can I do to help others, may contribute immensely in making our life happy. When you get up in the morning, and if your mind is cool about the fact that the day stands largely sorted out with tasks already lined up, you have achieved a lot in terms of happiness.

Design yourself to be happy in 2022 | Part 1: Chemicals have solutions!

New Year brings in the season of giving and taking greetings and good wishes. The most common of them is ‘Happy New Year to You!’. Does it really ensure or enhance happiness in our life? No guarantee, but our understanding of happiness enhancing factors and facets can help reclaim our health and happiness for a better life. Here is a series to focus on what all we need to know.

Learn to stay happy | Teach your students to be happy!

Leading universities have already taken to teaching happiness or positive psychology as part of curriculum. Happiness courses are seemingly oversubscribed and participants have acknowledged benefits in terms of distinct improvements in life-satisfaction. Such individuals are bound to spread the message and contribute positively and enthusiastically at workplace, family and society. Positive education agenda is the need of the hour and educational institutions must create a ‘center for happiness learning & practice’ to drive this agenda for faculty and students. This write up explores the contours of happiness teaching in educational institutions based on authors own experience of teaching, researching and practicing happiness.